Gourmet Food in Costa Rica

Excuse us for bragging, but Casa Chameleon’s kitchen is home to one of the best chef’s in Costa Rica, and we’re very excited about it!  Chef Pabro Sanchez and his staff are inspired daily by the beauty of the country and its fresh, native ingredients.  This translates into unique dishes with a creative flare on traditional Costa Rican cuisine.  Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch between activities or a romantic honeymoon dinner, the Casa Chameleon kitchen can deliver it! The best gourmet food in Costa Rica.
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Scuba Diving in Costa Rica: What will you see under water at Casa Chameleon?

Last week, we gave you tips for staying above the water in our post about surfing in Costa Rica. This week, we want to take you on an underwater excursion and show you why scuba diving in Costa Rica should be on your must-do list. You already know that the country is one of the richest in the world in terms of biodiversity, but remember that some of the unique animal and plant species can only be found underwater!
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Why Vacation in Costa Rica

So Why Vacation in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has become a vacation hot spot, but many people may not realize what makes the region so special. Here’s what you need to know about the small country that’s creating so many big headlines.

Costa Rica is located on the Central American isthmus, and its location allows the country to boast over 800 miles of coastline! This translates to tropical weather year round, and an endless number of beaches that accommodate all lifestyles, from the beach reader to the avid surfer. In fact, because the surfing is so incredible, Santa Teresa has hosted both the National Surf Circuit and the Latin American Professional Surf Circuit. Continue reading